New Year's Eve Parties

Free Hotel Room on New Year’s

Written By: Phil

Want a Free Hotel Room on New Year’s

Professionals Guild is offering free deluxe hotel rooms at San Ramon Marriott and Hilton Hotel, Arden West.

Join the Professionals Guild promo team!  It’s easy. Post on social media with a link to Eail and tell your friends about the party!  Suggestion social media sites are:

Please like our Facebook pages:

Then send an email to ProfessionalsGuild -at-  (change -at- in @ and remove all spaces in email address)

  1. Put CONTEST in the subject line. 
  2. Please list links to where you are posting.
  3. Give your contact info so we can easily contact you if you win!

Questions?  Call Phil at 925 8.8.8. 4392

By Phil Seyer,  Director of Professionals Guild


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